Saturday, 16 August 2008

Slip me some skin is a project involving the culturing of my own tissue outside my complete living body. This project involved indergoing a tissue biopsy, to remove primary tissue from my body, to be cultured within The University of Tasmania's School of Medicine's Pathology Dept. On the 18 March at 4pm I met my appointment at an undisclosed surgery, where an eliptical piece of tissue 3cm x 1cm was removed from my inner thigh.

Video footage of this process was taken and is being compiled into a video piece.

These photographic images chart the healing process of the post-surgical site, for the 8 days following the biopsy. The tissue was taken directly to the UTAS Med School Labs, where it was reduced to a celleular level. The cells are currently culturing in a flask, and will be seeded onto a sculptural armature and placed within a makeshift rotating bioreactor for 3D growth on the armature.

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