Sunday, 10 June 2007

A&G Centre Lot de Witte - Meeting #2

Tuesday 5th of June was the the second meeting with Lot de Witte. In the previous meeting with her she implied that it may be possible to actually work with the HIV virus itself - to tissue culture it over 3D glass form, in the Vrij University Immunology Labs. This is really exciting, and in preparation we are organising two small glass army figurines to be ready within a couple of weeks. This meeting with Lot confirmed the possibility of carrying out the project at Vrij, however it has to be cleared with the Dept etc, and it will be Lot who physically works with the virus itself, while we document the process. This is as expected due to the Biological Safety Level required to work with an incurable virus such as HIV/AIDS.

So right now we are waiting to hear back from the Dept, as to whether it gets the go-ahead or not...

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