Saturday, 30 June 2007

Timeline for HIV project completion

June 29 - 8:30 Test Day

July 1 - Design 24 well plates with coloured acetate (x3)

July 9 - 13:00 Autoclave Army Men
Autoclave 24 well plates
Seed 24 well plates with HIV infected he_la cells
Soak Army Men in Collagen overnight

July 10 - Seed Army Men with he_la cells

July 13 - Check virus growth in 24 well plates
Check cell growth on Army men
Infect he_la cells on Army Men with HIV virus

July 16 - Transfect army men with blue stain
Document finished objects
Fix Cells
Remove tissue and sterilise men to take back to OZ


July 17 - Aug 28 Vietnam exhibition The Last Vestige

October onwards - get together with Eden to make video piece and work on developing still imagery also.

2008 - Apply to exhibit work in IMA and Gertrude Street

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